Services available from the Crescent Card Company:

Letterpress Printing.
Letterpress Printing is carried out using one of our in-house range of machines, these include:-

Heidelberg 10×15

| image | video |

Grafopress 10×15

| image | video |

V45 Verticle Miehle

| image | video |

Arab Platen

| image | video |

We keep a limited range of type in cases and this is normally only used when we are taking part in Print Shows, or occasionally used in demonstrations that we carry out at museums or Craft Fairs.

Hot-Metal typesetting.
This is carried out on our Ludlow machine and we can supply slugs for Printing or Foil Blocking.

Polymer Block Manufacture.
These are made, on-site, from negative film output by Computer based image-setters using a variety of software packages.

Lithographic Printing.
Working with our associate company, we can offer Litho-print facilities along with Digital Printing and a comprehensive graphic design and composition service.

Digital Printing.
We offer a short run full colour Digital Print Service direct from Acrobat PDF Documents, other formats can be accommodated at extra cost. Contact us for further details.

We have designers and layout artists available should you require any design/layout services, we have the capability to manage a project from start to finish… from design to print! Using a combination of these processes, we are able to provide a wide range of printed products.